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​What is VitruCareTM?

VitruCare is an internet delivered ‘self-care’ service that allows patients, with the continued support of the GP, to make decisions using data from their electronic health record to change their lifestyle to improve their overall health. The VitruCare service is designed using the principles of care planning and ‘year of care’. The initial deployment of VitruCare serves people with long term medical conditions (LTCs), and connects their healthcare team for help and support.

The VitruCare approach

The medical approach that lies at the foundation of VitruCare has been proven with hundreds of patients in England who felt empowered and felt better resulting in an overall 40% reduction in health service utilisation. The approach relies on taking a whole life view together with the patient, who then goes on a new journey of self-care, with signposts provided by the care team. 

Multi morbidity is a single exp​erience

VitruCare is patient focused, and therefore is designed to deal with multi morbidity, providing coherent guidance to people living with more than one condition. Dynamic Health Systems selected the most prevalent LTCs for its first release of VitruCare: Diabetes Type I and Type II, Hypertension, Chronic Heart Failure, Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. VitruCare is designed to be extensible and serve many more conditions. Work is on-going to add more diseases.

Engaging the patient in co-creation of healthcare - starting with supported ​selfcare

Access to VitruCare is over the internet offering users freedom of choice over how, when and where they use the service. The Cloud architecture flexes capacity to serve any number of users.

Patients today set their own goals, and create a their own action plans. VitruCare offers personalised support in creating this self-care plan, converting clinical data into actionable information. The plan is discussed with one’s own GP and set into action. The personal relevance, assessment by the GP, and full involvement in tracking progress proves to be very motivating. Availability on any device makes using VitruCare more convenient. Dynamic Health Systems has recently launched the integration with bluetooth enabled devices such as scales and blood pressure measurement devices to extend the ways of entering data making things still more convenient or users.

Patients like to offer and receive mutual support in how to best live with their disease. A social media capability supports mutual support and learning, and a personalised view of accredited health information puts the data in context.

Dynamic Health Systems aims to provide access to VitruCare to any person, each with their own choice of device. Today the person accesses VitruCare with a personal computer, using any mainstream browser and a set of phone Apps has just been launched. VitruCare was designed from the outset to be used from almost any device.   

For the GP, the integration with TPP’s clinical system SystmOne ensures that the patient uses clinical data taken directly from the electronic health record. Screens give direct access to their patients’ action plans, allowing clinicians to discuss the appropriateness of goals and action plans for clinical safety. It is convenient to stay in touch with patients and keep an eye on progress of the whole LTC practice. Secure communication between GP and patient improves the immediacy of access to the healthcare service while keeping practice workload under control. VitruCare enables the GP to gather practice wide data, create commissioning intelligence and selectively take action. DHS is busy on the integration with other clinical systems.

The VitruCare​ service in summary

Dynamic Health Systems continues to extend the capability of VitruCare in response to the requests of patients and doctors. Today the service includes:

A patient workspace to connect patients

  • with their electronic health record 
  • with the practice
  • with their carers​​​
  • with the clinical team 

and act as their platform for telehealth.

A healthcare professional workspace:

 • accessed from inside SystmOne, and other clinical systems
 • that allows direct access to the patient
 • that enables personalisation of the service
 • and builds commissioning intelligence

And an integration layer offers wide interconnectivity.​